Beachy Head 10K

What an amazing day for the Harriers… again!!


Today was the Beachy Head 10k and Marathon. I’ll write about the Marathon tomorrow, but they are amazing!!


It was a chilly start to the morning and we all gathered to watch the marathon runners set off. I was very glad at the top of the hill to be turning onto the 10K course rather than the marathon!! It was a glorious run but there was a biting wind along the top. brrr!!!


Sue Fry was 2nd lady in a time of 41.36, also first in her age category. Cat Bounds was 3rd lady in a time of 42.25.


Also first in their age categories were Elaine Everill, Cheryl Drake and Graham Purdye. Liz Lumber was 3rd in her age category. Absolutely fantastic running all of you.


Full Results:
Tom Clewley 39.42, Sue Fry 41.36, Cat Bounds 42.25, Graham Purdye 44.20, Liz Lumber 45.32, Poppy Mercer 45.32, Elaine Everill 45.49, David Mercer 47.11, Lianne Leakey 49.50, Ivor Rumsey 52.14, Kelly Tattam 54.24, Neal Robinson 55.35, Cheryl Drake 58.55, Peter Drake 58.55, Katie Manley 1.00.34, Jane Castle Mercer 1.08.16, Lorraine Duffy 1.10.22, Tina MacEnhill 1.10.24, Nina Rumsey 1.10.44, Rikki Wheaton 1.17.38 and Linda Rozentals 1.33.25.