Brighton Marathon Weekend 15th April 2018

Congratulations to all our Red and Blacks who braved the streets of Brighton in both the BM10K and the Marathon. The conditions today were certainly better than last year being cooler and overcast. The crowds support was amazing and it was lovely seeing everyone smiling out on the course.


A special congratulations to Peter Drake and Stephanie for fantastic new PBs in the 10K. Mark Bassett and Michelle Hollands for their amazing PBs in the marathon.


BM10K times were as follows:
Sue Fry 38.22, Peter Drake 41.09, Stephanie Bassett 51.42, Katie Manley 55.46, Wendy Quinn 57.55, Julie Hickling 57.55, Lorraine Duffy 1.03.07.


Marathon times were:
Mark Bassett 3.29.01, Tracy Erridge 4.03.38, Tina MacEnhill 4.03.39, Rebecca Holland 4.12.07, Shaun Webster 4.37, Michelle Hollands 4.32.35.


Thanks also to our Harriers that made it on to the BBC South East News this evening for supporting their team mates having completed the 10K themselves.


I’m hoping I’ve got everyone but let me know if I’ve missed you off, the results are not the easiest!!

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