Chairman, Andrew Ruffell

Chairman, Andrew Ruffell
Andy Ruffell (Ruffs)
Role on Committee:
Harrier since:
I first joined HH in 1984/5 and was a member until around 1993. I then drifted away before rejoining in 2000.
Reason for running:
This for me has definitely changed at various stages of my life.
The love of running has always remained. It definitely used to be seeing how quick I could go. What I could achieve.
Now I enjoy more the health benefits it brings.
Being part of helping others achieve personal goals and ambitions is now a major focus. I have also always found fellow runners to be inspirational people and love seeing the age groups mixing together as equals is something I believe society needs more of.
What I bring to the committee:
Having been a member for so long I believe I help bring a guide to maintaining the clubs values and ambitions.
I also have a passion for our club and its members.
I have always believed the respect comes from effort rather than speed.
I aim to help build a club and membership that values this and one another.