Club History

Club History

A brief history of The Black n Red (Hailsham Harriers).


If we dial back to 1984 we find Hailsham Harriers as a newly formed running club that brought together two Hailsham running groups, The Lansdowne Striders and the pre existing Hailsham AC.


The Lansdowne Striders, formed when a group of social workers from the local junior facility decided to get fit for the local Fun Run, and the existing Hailsham AC was an already established club that operated in the town.


The merger was agreed at a public meeting.


This heralded the birth of Hailsham Harriers, a club that quickly grew and has become a mainstay of the local, county and even national running community.


Our club’s proud history shows Hailsham Harriers as one of the strongest running clubs in Sussex.


Over the years, our club has won a great number of team events and awards, with many athletes winning individual titles at county level as well. We continue to see amazing performances from our runners and enjoy seeing new talent constantly developing.


Hailsham Harriers have always recognised success to be about so much more than trophies and we are rightfully proud of the innumerable individual successes our members have accomplished. Running in the well respected and cherished Black n Red colours of Hailsham Harriers guarantees great support from fellow club members and the unparalleled feeling of being part of a team. This is something that counts among our most treasured achievements.


Our club is proud to provide local running events to the community such as the Hellingly 10k in September each year. We also support a great number of other local and charitable events. Our club members have travelled the world in their running journeys and have competed in many of the most recognised global events alongside a great number of less well known races.


No history of Hailsham Harriers would be complete without a mention of one outstanding individual. Derek Wells was our founding father. He is still remembered and cherished by those who knew him and those who did not. He helped form and shape our club and the values we still cherish in making it such a great place to run.