Eastbourne 10K

Well done to our Harriers at the Eastbourne 10K today. It was so hot and I, personally, thought the race would never end.


In that heat there were some outstanding performances, in particular, well done to Rachel Hillman who was first lady home. Also a mention for Graham Purdye who was first in his age catergory. The final special mention goes to Norman Harris. It was his come back race after a tough last year, he not only completed but also went away with a first in age category. Norman we’re all so pleased for you.


I would also like to say a special thank you to, firstly, Sue Fry and Liz Lumber, who organised this successful event. Also to all of the Harriers I saw around who marshalled or volunteered in another way. There were so many of you out there and it was great to see you all. Thank you for giving up your time to help out so we could all run.

Full results were as follows:
Wes Mechen 5th 39.22, Rachel Hillman 8th 39.51, Graham Purdye 15th 43.49, Wendy Oates 29th 49.07, Mark Bassett 33rd 46.31, Tracy Erridge 45th 48.39, Andy Ruffell 50th 49.19, Peter Daws 52nd 49.42, Tina MacEnhill 56th 50.02, Helen O’Sullivan 62nd 51.06, Frances Delves 77th 52.57, Emma Murphy 81st 54.06, Stephanie Bassett 86th 54.56, Felicity Williams 92nd 56.07, Katie Manley 110th 59.16, Emma Franks 127th 1.02.21, Cheryl Drake 134th 1.03.18, Sandra Fowlie 143rd 1.05.28, Karen Hoskin 147th 1.05.28, Lisa Phillips 149th 1.06.18, Frances Doe 173rd 1.09.54, Norman Harris 174th 1.10.00, Don Currie 181st 1.12.06, Rikki Wheaton 191st 1.15.48, Eleanor Ruffell 193rd 1.16.46, Debra Morley 210th 1.25.57, Roberto Proietti 211th 1.25.56