Hastings Half Marathon

Hailsham Harriers had a great turn out for, arguably, one of the best Half Marathons in the world, Hastings. The weather was glorious, if not a bit hot. The sun was shining and there was no breeze as we ran along the seafront.

There were some great results from our runners. Not least Eleanor Ruffell who completed her first ever half marathon, much to the surprise of Andy. Gary Judges placed in an impressive 14th place in a time of 1.21.37. Sarah Underwood did an incredible 1.29.50.

Well done to all our amazing runners who battled on. The atmosphere was fabulous as the spectators lined the street and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Full Results:
Gary Judges 1.21.37, Martin Bell 1.24.33, Sarah Underwood 1.29.50, Simon Haddon 1.35.10, Annette Feakes 1.36.47, Tom Bailey 1.36.56, Roy Meller 1.37.04, Mark Pope 1.39.13, Lisa Goldsmith 1.40.38, Peter Drake 1.43.24, Tina MacEnhill 1.43.30, Nigel Duckworth 1.44.01, Lianne Leakey 1.44.18, David Mercer 1.44.24, Tracy Erridge 1.46.34, Audrey Haddon 1.48, Chris Cox 1.49.17, David Coulson 1.49.27, Andy Ruffell 1.51.20, Steven Guy 1.52.28, Leeland Pavey 1.55.40, Mark Bassett 1.56.04, Frances Delves 2.00.11, Katie Manley 2.02.05, Rebecca Holland 2.07.45, Suzie Christie 2.08.15, Lisa Phillips 2.14.32, Karen Hoskin 2.14.35, Norman Harris 2.18.38, John Taylor 2.28.30, Lorraine Duffy 2.33.53, Marion Underdown 2.40.04, Eleanor Ruffell 2.42.20, Garry Sheppard 2.51.48 and Barry Carpenter 3.00.24.