Martin Bell, Men’s Club Captain

Martin Bell, Men’s Club Captain


Martin Bell


Role on committee:

Mens Club Captain


Harrier since:



Reasons for running:

My initial inspiration was to keep fit. I had played a bit of five a side football but found I was constantly getting niggly staring etc. therefore I decided that I needed to get fitter and started jogging.


I first joined the Hailsham Harriers following a 10K race at Heathfield in 2011, in which I saw numbers of club Hailsham Harriers run past me as a novice unaffiliated runner. These runners appeared to enjoy themselves and were supportive of one another and clearly in better shape than I was.



I can honestly say that the support of the club has really improved my performances and despite getting older the training they have offered has dropped my half marathon from nearly 2 hours to under one and a half hours,



Parkrun averages in the early 18 minutes and that is all down to the training and support of the coaches and others around me.



I can say that I have never run a marathon mainly down to a busy job, family and not having the time to train, but marathons are not for all either and at the moment I do not feel I have missed out, especially as there are some really great events at shorter distances, including the cross countries and the 100 mile South downs Relays.



However I have seen others join who have achieved marathon distance even as relative novices with some support from experienced marathon runners in the club, who nurture runners and who will arrange additional training to support those members reach their goals.



Otherwise the training at the Club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings really does support a whole variety of distances and whilst they are tough they are very rewarding too.



Hailsham Harriers are a great bunch with great camaraderie and spirit and whatever your ability there are members always willing to support you achieve your aspirations. In my view that is what makes Harriers a great club to be a part of.



What I bring to the committee:

Whilst relatively new to the committee I feel we have a great forum to share ideas in our regular meetings. I happily share ideas that are picked up from my observations or from other club members to try and improve our communications or processes to make things better.



As a part of my role as the Club Captain I am responsible for fielding teams and where possible promoting events to all. I am also responsible for organising our annual Turkey Trot, a handicapped race in December where we see some truly aspirational runs.