Record Claim


  • Only fully paid up members will qualify for record performances.
  • The athlete claiming a club record must have been competing as a Hailsham Harrier (whether first or second claim, wearing correct colours etc) or competing for that athlete’s county or country.
  • Road Race records will only be recognised if the event was over an officially measured UKA certified and approved course.
  • Track records will only be recorded if a performed during a A.A.A track competition, unless the event was part of Hailsham Harriers domestic club championships held on duly measured track or course.
  • Course records will be recognised for specific (non UKA certified course) events; E.g. Milland road race.
  • The outright club record may be held by anybody regardless of age group.
  • performances will be recognised for UKA age categories. Age restrictions will apply regarding maximum distances for ages. E.g. juniors.
  • The Claimant to the record must have written proof to verify the official time.
  • Claim Time limit is 6 months from date of Event.