Seniors 800m Track Championship

Tuesday also saw the seniors race 800m. The weather decided to turn on us, after a glorious afternoon, and gave a chilly run. However, the runners, yet again, showed some superb form. In the mens race Hector and Paul battled it out again, but this time Paul was just too strong and pulled away in the last 200m. Martin was close behind the pair coming in in 3rd place.

In the ladies race Alissa stormed out in front with Felicity, Audrey and Poppy closely battling for the other top postiions.


Medal winners were as follows:
Junior Boy
1st Hector Ellis
Junior Girl
1st Poppy Ellis


Senior Men
1st Paul Mealling
2nd Simon Haddon
3rd Dan Ellis


Vet Men
1st Martin Bell
2nd Graham Purdye
3rd Shaun Webster


Senior Women
1st Audrey Haddon
2nd Katie Manley


Vet Women
1st Alissa Ellis
2nd Felicity Webster
3rd Kelly Tattum


Fully Results were as follows:
Paul Mealling 2.20, Hector Ellis 2.25, Martin Bell 2.30, Simon Haddon 2.36, Dan Ellis 2.41, Graham Purdye 2.49, Shaun Webster 2.52, Nigel Duckworth 3.00, Gary Smith 3.07, Neal Robinson 3.09, Shane Bissett 3.18, Bill Frasier 3.22
Alissa Ellis 2.45, Felicity Webster 2.51, Audrey Haddon 2.57, Poppy Ellis 2.59, Kelly Tattum 3.12, Jacqui Hemsey-Lane 3.22, Julie Chicken 3.34, Katie 3.45, Karen 4.04.


Well done all, great running and exciting to watch.

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