South Downs Relay 2018

Well done to our South Downs Relay teams at the weekend who well and truly made our club proud. This is a gruelling 100 miles race across the downs with each team member needing to complete multiple legs. Runners have to learn the routes and the teams must complete it within a 14 hour cut off.


This year we were granted 3 entries into the relay and needed to field high quality teams, and what high quality they were. Each team ran incredible well, with our Ladies team came in an amazing 2nd Place, so a special congratulations to them.


Our club captains did a fantastic job in picking our teams and insuring that combined they would have the capabilities to reach the time cut offs.


We also need to thank our support members who drove the minibuses, the support runners who helped people learn their legs and the marshalls. This really is a team effort.


In the words of our Chairman:


Every year this event amazes me. It is the longest day of the year but also the quickest. Before you know it a 100 mile relay race is over. The day requires dedication, commitment, planning and courage. The camaraderie shown is simply second to none.


Well done to all involved the teams, the captains, the drivers, the support runners in helping people learn the legs and the Marshalls.


Next year I am expecting to be amazed once again.



The results were as follows:

Hailsham A team, 9th in 12.17.26


Hailsham V Team 5th in 13.50.05


Hailsham L Team 2nd in 13.00.28

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