South Downs Relay

I wanted to firstly congratulate the ladies on their second place position at the end of the Southdowns Relays.

But moreover I was privileged to have been involved in the day with two teams of people who had worked hard to finish successfully yesterday. It takes hard work and dedication to run three tough legs and in the heat of yesterday to do that in the cheerful manner I witnessed from all was to everyone’s credit.

Apart from myself the Men’s A consisted of Paul Mealling, Paul Henderson, Matt Southam, Graham Woolley and Simon Haddon. I witnessed first hand what an incredible bunch they are and I applaud them.

For the Ladies there was Alissa, Wendy OatesCharlie Long, Sarah Underwood, Lisa Goldsmith, and Karen (Hastings). They all ran incredibly and it was great to be within distance of them to witness some incredible performances.

The drivers Alan and Dan were incredible and Rachel and Jacqui in support were similarly outstanding.

The Marshals of Felicity, Karen Jane Hoskin and Katie Manley were appreciated by ourselves and the race organisers alike and were mentioned and cheered and clapped at the end along with other Marshals. Well done ladies.

For me I would like to thank Giles For presenting me the opportunity to run in his place. This selfless act will stay with me for a very long time and is testament to the clubs spirit and togetherness.

Once again well done to you all. Yesterday was a great day and looking forward to performing with you again in the future.