Sussex XC League

The Saturday Sussex league is organised by the county and athletes are in competition for Sussex medals and qualification.



Clubs and individuals participate in several divisions within the league and can win both club and individual awards.


Depending on which division the club is in depends on how many runners are required to make up a team.



Division 1 in the men’s league require 6 runners to score where as in Division 2 only 4 are required in a team. Currently Hailsham men are in division 3 and require 4 runners to score.



Hailsham ladies are currently in division 1 and require 4 runners to score. All B and C teams for ladies require 3 to score and are placed in division 2.



If there are incomplete teams competing, the position of the last runner in each race + 10 points will be added, therefore it is vitally important to try and field full teams.



Running concurrently is the veteran’s league which requires 3 runners to score for both men and women and veteran runners can score in both senior and veteran teams.



Athletes who perform well in this league (along with the County championships) are chosen to represent Sussex at inter-county and national cross-country events. This therefore means the standard of competition is high and to some this maybe off putting, however it is an inclusive league and there are runners of varying ability who take part, so no one should feel inadequate.



Over the years Hailsham Harriers have had numerous team and individual successes in this league as well as many achieving selection for Sussex qualification. It is certainly great to receive individual awards and success but for our club, it is the team award recognition among this high standard field that is most creditable and what Hailsham Harriers is all about – the team!



Please see the club captains for more information and keep an eye on the website, email and Facebook pages for details of fixtures.