Track Championship 1 mile

On Tuesday we completed another of the Track Championship races, this time the 1 mile race. This is just over 4 laps of the track.

We completed the race in two groups and both races proved to be exciting, the Champs never disappoint!

In first place overall was Paul Mealling in a time of 5.20. He was followed by Martin Bell , 5.34, then David Woollard in 5.54.

For the ladies Lianne Leakey brought us home in a time of 6.43. She was followed by Tina MacEnhill in 6.55. Then Hannah Deubert in 7.42.

Fantastic running by all. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks for the 800m.

Big thanks to the volunteers who turn up to time us, organise the race and count our laps.

Senior Men:
1st Paul Mealling
2nd David Woollard

Vet Men:
1st Martin Bell
2nd Simon Haddon
3rd David Mercer

Senior Ladies
1st Lianne Leakey
2nd Hannah Deubert
3rd Katie Manley

Vet Ladies
1st Tina MacEnhill
2nd Julie Chicken
3rd Felicity Williams

Full Results:
Paul Mealling 5.20, Martin Bell 5.34, David Woollard 5.54, Simmon Haddon 6.02, David Mercer 6.12, Graham Purdye 6.23, Paul Howell 6.27, Nigel Duckworth 6.39, Lianne Leakey 6.43, Tina MacEnhill 6.55, Hannah Deubert 7.42, Julie Chicken 7.46, Katie Manley 7.51, Felicity Williams 8.23 and Norman Harris 9.04.