Track Championship 1 Mile

Hailsham Track Championship 1 mile. Tuesday 5th June was our seniors 1 mile race. We were divided into 2 groups with the ladies racing first followed by the men. The mens’ race was very exciting, Hector had lead for most of the race but Paul had been on his shoulder throughout. In the final lap all eyes were pinned on them as we all debated whether Paul was going to be able to over take or Hector would hold the lead. In the finishing straight Paul pulled away and managed to finish win the race. What a lot of excitement!!


As always, though, it was great to see, and be part of, the races. Throughout the field everyone is trying their best and having their own little battles, whether it’s with themselves or with those around them.


Big thanks to all those involved in organising, timing and counting our laps. It is much appreciated.


So to the results and first the medals:


1st Girl
Poppy Ellis
1st Boy
Hector Ellis


Vet Ladies
1st Felicity Webster
2nd Jacqui Hemsley Lane
3rd Julie Chicken


Senior Ladies
1st Audrey Haddon
2nd Lianne Leakey
3rd Katie Manley


Vet Men
1st Martin Bell
2nd Graham Purdye
3rd Paul Howell


Senior Men
1st Paul Mealling
2nd Simon Haddon
3rd Dan Ellis


Full Results:


Poppy Ellis 6.27, Audrey Haddon 6.33, Flick Webster 6.36, Lianne Leakey 6.44, Jacqui Hemsley Lane 7.27, Julie Chicken 7.38, Felicity Williams 7.48, Katie Manley 8.05, Karen Hoskins 8.40, Elizabeth Stretton (guest) 8.43.


Paul Mealing 5.17, Hector Ellis 5.19, Martin Bell 5.38, Simon Haddon 5.57, Dan Ellis 6.07, Graham Purdye 6.19, Paul Howell 6.30, Nigel Duckworth 6.40, Gary Smith 6.47, Bill Frasier 7.17.