Track Championship 3000m

Track Champs 3000m
Tuesday was the 3000m, just 7.5 laps of the track this time!! Those of us further down the field were taking guesses on how many times we were going to be lapped!! David didn’t let us down.

An incredible run for our 1st man, David Ayling, coming in in a time of 9.50. Second place was Paul Mealling in 10.22 and third was David Woollard in 11.27.

For the ladies 1st was Rachel Hillman in 11.44. Second was Emma Murphy in 12.50 and third was Lianne Leakey in 13.14.

Senior Men
1st Paul Mealling 10.22
2nd David Woollard 11.27
3rd Simon Haddon 11.39

Vet Men
1st David Ayling 9.50
2nd Graham Purdye 12.09
3rd Dave Mercer 12.23

Senior Ladies
1st Rachel Hillman 11.44
2nd Lianne Leakey 13.14
3rd Katie Manley 15.17

Vet Ladies
1st Emma Murphy 12.50
2nd Tina MacEnhill 13.21
3rd Julie Chicken 14.55

Full Results:
David Ayling 9.50, Paul Mealling 10.22, David Woollard 11.27, Simon Haddon 11.39, Rachel Hillman 11.44, Graham Purdye 12.09, Dave Mercer 12.23, Paul Howell 12.40, Emma Murphy 12.50, Lianne Leakey 13.14, Tina MacEnhill 13.21, Bill Fraser 14.01, Gary Smith 14.31, Pete Burkenshaw 14.37, Julie Chicken 14.55, Katie Manley 15.17, Hannah 15.57 and Norman Harris 17.17.