Track Championships 100m

Tuesday was the last in our Track Championship series and 16 Harriers raced the 100m.


It was a fitting end to the series as we guessed who was going to win the races. In the ladies races Erin stormed out front with Felicity close on her heels. In the men, Paul was able to hold of Hector in yet another fast battle.


Thanks to all who were involved in organising the events. It’s been another fantastic summer of racing. Next week is the Invitation Mile and Paarlouf.


Well done to the following medal winners:


1st Hector Ellis
1st Erin Wright


Poppy Ellis


Senior Ladies
1st Audrey Haddon
2nd Katie Manley


Senior Men
1st Paul Mealling
2nd Simon Haddon


Vet Ladies
1st Felicity Webster
2nd Alissa Ellis
3rd Joint – Jackie Hemsley-Lane and Kelly Tattam


Vet Men
1st Martin Bell
2nd Alan Hide
3rd Graham Purdye


Full results are as follows:
Paul Mealling 12.9, Hector Ellis 13.4, Martin Bell 14.2, Simon Haddon 15, Alan Hide 16.3, Graham Purdye 18.6


Erin Wright 14.7, Felicity Webster 15.0, Audrey Haddon 15.5, Alissa Ellis 15.8, Poppy Ellis 16.0, Kelly Tattam 17.1, Jackie Hemsley-Lane 17.1, Julie Chicken 18.2, Elizabeth Stretton 19.1, Katie Manley 19.5

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