Track Championships 3000m

Tuesday 16th May was our Track Champs 3000m. It was a glorious evening and we were relieved to hear it was “only” 7.5 laps of the track this time.


Massive thanks to all our organisers and volunteers who turned up to count the laps and time us. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do the events.


Congratulations to all our runners, you could see the effort everyone put in all the way through the field. Our medal winners were as follows:


Senior Men
Paul Mealling 1st
Simon Haddon 2nd
Dan Ellis 3rd


Vet Men
Martin Bell 1st
Gavin Watson-Jones 2nd
Graham Purdye 3rd


Senior Ladies
Audrey Haddon 1st
Lianne Leakey 2nd
Katie Manley 3rd


Vet Ladies
Alissa Ellis 1st
Kelly Tattum 2nd
Felicity Williams 3rd


Hector Ellis 1st
Poppy Ellis 1st


The full results were as follows:
Paul Mealling 10.39, Hector Ellis 10.54, Martin Bell 10.59, Simon Haddon 11.31, Alissa Ellis 11.47, Gavin Watson-Jones 11.53, Graham Purdye 11.54, Alan Thornton 12.05, Dan Ellis 12.22, Paul Howell 12.46, Nigel Duckworth 13.00, Audrey Haddon 13.02, Poppy Ellis 13.07, Pete Daws 13.34, Lianne Leakey 13.36, Kelly Tattum 13.45, Bill Frasier 14.05, Felicity Williams 15.03, Julie Chicken 15.06, Shane Bissett 15.37 (g), Katie Manley 15.4, Karen Hoskins 17, Emma Lawrence 17.04 (g), Rosie Chandler 18.41 (g).

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