Track Championships

During the Summer Months between April and August we hold our own Track Championship on the Running Track at Battle Road School, our summer training venue.



The events are each £1 entry and are as follows:



1 mile







Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) and Bronze (3rd) Medals are awarded to those placed in the following age categories:

Senior Men 18-39

Veteran Men 40+

Senior Ladies 18-35

Veteran Ladies 35+



The variety of events makes for some interesting results. You will see that just because someone can grind out a 5000m at pace they may not be so good at the shorter sprints.


Trophies are awarded based on the overall placing over the series of events at the Awards Evening. Presentations are made to those ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd Men  and Women. To achieve an adequate overall score you must have competed in at least 6 of the events. 1st over the line gets 100 points awarded and second 99 points etc… So the winner of the first place trophy in either the men or women is the one with the most points from their top 6 placed events.



For those who have not won a medal there is another opportunity to win by taking part in the Invitation Mile. This event has a £1 entry fee and takes place after the final race of the track champs. It allows those runners that have not won a medal the chance to win by competing alongside other Hailsham Harriers. Note that those that have won medals can still join in but will not be eligible to win any further medals. Medals are awarded on the same basis as those for the Track Championships.