Track Champs 200m


Paul led us home in a time of 27.69, followed by Martin Bell in a time of 29.31. In third place was Simon Haddon in a time of 30.94.

For the ladies, Lianne Leakey brought us home in a time of 35.00. Behind her was a closely fought three-way battle. Hannah Deubert came out on top in a time of 37.03. To finish up our podium was Tina MacEnhill in a time of 37.69.

Senior Men
Paul Mealing 27.69
Simon Haddon 30.94

Vet Men
1st Martin Bell 29.31
2nd Paul Howell 33.03
3rd Pete Burtenshaw 35.26

Senior Ladies
1st Lianne Leakey 35.00
2nd Hannah Deubert 37.03
3rd Katie Manley 44.33

Vet Ladies
1st Tina MacEnhill 37.67
2nd Julie Chicken 37.69

Full Results as follows:
Paul Mealing 27.69, Martin Bell 29.31, Simon Haddon 30.94, Paul Howell 33.03, Lianne Leakey 35.00, Pete Burtenshaw 35.26, Hannah Deubert 37.03, Tina MacEnhill 37.67, Julie Chicken 37.69, Alan Hide 39.02, Graham Purdye 42.16, Katie Manley 44.33 and Norman Harris 46.3.