Track Champs 400m


Not many people competed in this event. 1st place was Paul Mealing in a time of 1.01. 2nd place was Dave Mercer in a time of 1.07 and in third place was Simon Haddon in a time of 1.10.

For the ladies 1st was Lianne Leakey in a time of 1.16, followed by Hannah in a time of 1.25. In third place was Tina in a time of 1.27.

Full results and podiums are as follows:
Senior Men
1st Paul Mealing 1.01
2nd Simon Haddon 1.10

Vet Men
1st Dave Mercer 1.07
2nd Paul Howell 1.16
3rd Graham Purdye 1.22

Senior Ladies
1st Lianne Leakey 1.16
2nd Hannah 1.25

Vet Ladies
1st Tina MacEnhill 1.27
2nd Julie Chicken 1.29
3rd Jane Mercer 1.32