Track Sussex Vet League Wednesday 25th April 2018

Wednesday was the first of the Track Sussex Vet League. Well done to those that competed at Eastbourne track on our behalf.


Results were as follows:




Paul Mealling 4.50.6, 2nd, (A)


Nigel Duckworth 67.2, 3rd,(A)
Dan Ellis 73.3, 2nd, (B)


1000m Walk
Paul Mealling 5.40.3, 1st (A)
Nigel Duckworth 7.13.6, 1st, (B)


Dan Ellis 13.3, 1st, (B)
Graham Purdye 13.7 (50+)


4 x 100m relay
Alan Rolfe, Paul Mealling, Dan Ellis, Nigel Duckworth, 1st, 56.7



Felicity Webster, 2nd, 6.86


1000m Walk
Julie Chicken, 3rd, 6.41.8 (50+)


Alissa Ellis, 2nd, 5.36.8 (A)
Elaine Everill, 1st, 5.54.8 (B)
Julie Chicken, 4th, 7.31.6 (50+)


Felicity Webster, 2nd, 72.8 (A)
Alissa Ellis, 1st, 74.7 (B)
Julie Chicken, 3rd, 98.1 (50+)


Felicity Webster, 2nd, w15.3 (A)


4 x 100m Relay
Alissa Ellis, Eline Everett, Helen Truman, Sue Keen, 2nd, 70.2


Triple Jump
Jackie Lane, 3rd, 7.25


Felicity Webster 2nd, 15.63


Well done to all who took part and we look forward to hearing more about the next event.


p.s. Didn’t have any photos of the track so I used a photo of Paul from the Milland Road race!!

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