Turkey Trot

Karen Hoskin, winner of the 2018 London Marathon Club place drawn at the 2017 Turkey Trot


The Turkey Trot is a handicapped race open to all Hailsham Harriers. It takes place on the run up to Christmas, mid December on a Tuesday night.  The evening combines a handicapped run, raffle and the draw for the London Marathon.


The run has a £1 entry fee. Registration is at the Summerheath Hall, Hailsham (normal winter training HQ) at 6.45pm. This event is open to all Harriers, with a Christmas turkey as first prize. To ensure everyone has a fair chance the club captains, assisted  by other committee members and Marshalls, review the ability of each of the entrants and give each person a time handicap. This will generally range from the start time at zero to up to 12 minutes or more for the more experienced and capable runners. In this way the speed demons need to work extremely hard to stand a chance of coming first and winning the turkey. The runner who crosses the line first wins the turkey. That really could be any one of the runners because of the way the race is organised. So that’s all the more reason to give it a go! There are also prizes for fastest male and female and spot prizes selected on the day for other participants. The course is about 5 km and a map is available with Marshalls stationed along the route.
The evening is a fun social occasion for all and it is traditional to bring along nibbles, goodies or even a raffle prize.


We hold a raffle after the race and Harriers are encouraged to donate prizes. Tickets are available for sale on the night.


London Marathon Draw
As a running club we are allocated an entry to the London Marathon. The place we are allocated also forms part of the Turkey Trot festivities, with the winner of the London Marathon place decided by a draw. Ahead of the Turkey Trot, the club requests that those people who wish to be included in the draw contact them.

To qualify for the draw you must:
a. Provide an official rejection from the entry into the London Marathon for the next year.
b. Have never run the London Marathon before.
c. Be a current member of the  Hailsham Harriers (first claim) and have been with the Hailsham Harriers for at minimum of 12 months.

As long as the three criteria are met and your request is received ahead of the deadline set by the captains for entry you will be included in the draw, regardless of whether you can attend the Turkey Trot event.
In summary the Turkey Trot is a fun event, with a chance of a prize and entry into the London Marathon, not to mention a chance to wish fellow Hailsham Harriers a “Merry Christmas”.